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Fig. 7

From: Gyriform restricted diffusion in adults: looking beyond thrombo-occlusions

Fig. 7

Pre and post-contrast MRI of the brain in a 70-year-old male patient who presented with altered mental status and discharging left ear. Localised GRD is seen in the posterior part of the left inferior temporal gyrus (arrows) on axial DWI (a) and ADC image (b) along with surrounding vasogenic oedema on axial T2W image (c). There are tiny haemorrhages (dashed arrow) in this lesion on axial GRE image (d) and subtle gyriform enhancement (arrowhead) on post-contrast axial T1W image (e). Coronal reconstruction of subsequent high-resolution CT of the left temporal bone (f) reveals extensive left otomastoiditis with a large bony defect in the left tegmen tympani (stepped arrow). Imaging findings are in keeping with complicated left otomastoiditis leading to cerebritis

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