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Fig. 5

From: Gyriform restricted diffusion in adults: looking beyond thrombo-occlusions

Fig. 5

MRI of the brain in a 46-year-old male patient diagnosed with hypoglycaemia on the background of diabetic ketoacidosis. Bilateral asymmetric GRD, more on the right, is seen in the temporo-occipital lobesĀ (arrows) on axial DWI (a) and ADC image (b). Restricted diffusion is also seen in bilateral hippocampi (arrowheads). Mild hyperintensity is noted in the involved cortex (arrows) on the axial T2W image (c). Post-treatment follow-up MRI after 2 weeks shows partial resolution of signal changes on axial DWI and ADC images (d, e, respectively). Note that the axial T2W image also appears almost unremarkable (f)

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