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Fig. 2

From: Imaging indications and findings in evaluation of lung transplant graft dysfunction and rejection

Fig. 2

Left pulmonary artery anastomotic occlusion. CT-PE protocol was performed after suspecting left pulmonary artery anastomotic occlusion on initial non-enhanced CT scan performed on day 3 post bilateral lung transplant. Axial images using lung window (a and b) show diffuse and ill-defined consolidations in the left lung, predominantly in the lingula and the left lower lobe (asterisks). These findings are likely related to areas of pulmonary hemorrhage with evolving areas of pulmonary infarcts. There is associated ground glass opacities and interlobular septal thickening, best appreciated in the left upper lobe. Axial images using soft tissue window (ce) show a total occlusion of the left pulmonary artery at the arterial anastomotic site (arrows) and a patent right pulmonary artery (asterisks). Note the enhancing left pulmonary veins within the left lung consolidation

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