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Table 2 CEUS LI-RADS categories

From: CEUS LI-RADS: a pictorial review

Diagnostic categoriesClinical significanceImaging workup options
Return to routine surveillanceAlternative diagnostic imaging (i.e., CT or MRI)Repeat CEUS
CEUS LR-NCNot categorizable (due to image degradation or omission)≤ 3 months*≤ 3 months**
CEUS LR-1Definitely benign6 months**
CEUS LR-2Probably benign6 months**≤ 6 months*
CEUS LR-3Intermediate probability of malignancy≤ 6 months**≤ 6 months*
CEUS LR-4Probably HCCMultidisciplinary discussion may be needed for consensus management. If neither biopsy nor treatment is planned: repeat or alternative diagnostic imaging in ≤ 3 months
CEUS LR-5Definitely HCCDiagnosis of HCC. Multidisciplinary discussion for consensus management.
CEUS LR-MProbably or definitely malignant, not necessarily HCCMultidisciplinary discussion for consensus management.
May include alternative or repeat imaging, biopsy, or treatment
CEUS LR-TIVTumor in veinMultidisciplinary discussion for consensus management. May include biopsy or biomarker correlation to determine etiology of TIV: HCC, ICC, other.
  1. **Preferred option in most cases
  2. *Reasonable alternative option. Not recommended