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Table 1 Imaging parameters of the basic MR sequences

From: Mapping the ischemic penumbra and predicting stroke progression in acute ischemic stroke: the overlooked role of susceptibility weighted imaging

SequencesImaging planeTR/TE (ms)Acquisition time (s)Voxel size (mm)FOV (mm)MatrixSlice thickness (mm)FA/BW
FFE T1Axial157/1.77200.9/1.12/5220 × 190244 × 169580/127.6
TSE T2Axial4845/110380.9/1.12/5220 × 188256 × 147590/212.9
FLAIRAxial6000/120540.9/1.28/5220 × 190244 × 1275100/359.5
  1. BW bandwidth, deg degrees, FA flip angle, FLAIR fluid-attenuated inversion recovery, FFE fast field echo, FOV field of view, TE echo time, TR repetition time, TSE turbo spin-echo