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Fig. 8

From: Emergency imaging in paediatric oncology: a pictorial review

Fig. 8

A 4-year-old boy presenting with shortness of breath secondary to desmoid fibromatosis (a benign, non-cancerous tumour). a The erect chest radiograph demonstrates an enlarged anterior mediastinum with bilateral lobular mass-like appearances (arrows). b Axial contrast-enhanced CT of the chest (lung windows) demonstrates some compression of the left lower lobe bronchus (black arrow), with patency of the right lower lobe bronchus. c Axial CT image of the chest (mediastinal windows) demonstrates the homogenous nature of the anterior mediastinal mass (which would be unusual in a suspected teratoma). In contrast to the previous figure, this patient was able to lie flat in the scanner for their imaging study despite the seemingly larger sized mass on imaging. This demonstrates how imaging findings may not necessarily relate to the patient’s symptoms and careful assessment and history remain vital

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