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Fig. 13

From: Emergency imaging in paediatric oncology: a pictorial review

Fig. 13

A 10-year-old boy with B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, presenting with abdominal pain. a, b Initial transverse and longitudinal ultrasound views of the right paracolic gutter demonstrated a large complex mass (white arrows), suspected to represent an intussusception. c Axial contrast-enhanced CT of the abdomen, confirmed the finding of the intussusception (white arrow) with adjacent areas of inflamed and matted bowel loops, likely to represent an infiltrative process such as lymphoma. Further areas of extensive lymphadenopathy, predominantly in the pelvis and around the mesenteric vessels (yellow arrows) with compression of the IVC (red arrow), were also noted as ileo-colic intussusception. Given the age, size of the patient and subacute clinical history, air-reduction enema was deemed inappropriate and the patient underwent a surgical reduction of the intussusception

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