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Table 1 A proposed advanced CT imaging protocol for selecting acute ischemic stroke patients for EVT

From: Current concepts in imaging and endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke: implications for the clinician

Imaging steps Technical notes Questions to be answered
Non-contrast CT • Parenchymal brain imaging • Hemorrhage? Alternative diagnosis?
Head and neck CT angiography • From aortic arch to vertex
• 60–80 mL, 350 mg iodide/mL
• Small or large vessel occlusion?
• Tandem lesion?
• Roadmap for EVT
Brain 4D CT angiography • Low dose
• Multiple scans
• Collateral vascular status?
Brain perfusion • Brain coverage, depending on available scan width
• 40–60 mL, 350 mg iodide/mL
• Infarct volume
• Mismatch penumbra/infarct