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Table 1 Questions of the LOCAL survey

From: State of affairs of hybrid imaging in Europe: two multi-national surveys from 2017

Q1 What hybrid imaging procedures are performed at your hospital?
Q2 Where is the hybrid imaging facility located in your institute?
Q3 Who is responsible for the organization of your hybrid imaging facility (e.g. for the definition of imaging protocols)?
Q4 Who operates hybrid imaging scanners at your hospital?
Q5 How do you manage the injection of iodinated contrast medium in PET/CT?
Q6 Who performs the examination at your department?
Q7 Who takes care of reporting CT images in a PET/CT exam?
Q8 How do you report hybrid imaging procedures at your hospital?
Q9 Do you have a joint training programme for hybrid imaging in cooperation with nuclear medicine?
Q10 If no, would you support a joint training programme if nuclear medicine physicians did so too?
Q11 How are residents trained in your department with respect to hybrid imaging modalities?
Q12 Who presents hybrid imaging results to referring physicians in clinical boards (e.g. tumour boards)?
Q13 My country
Q14 My institution
Q15 How many PET/CT examinations does your institution acquire annually?