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Table 6 Similar practice traits versus various practice traits

From: Characterization of radiographers’ mammography practice in five European countries: a pilot study

Traits characterizing all practices Traits characterizing some practices
Majority of female radiographers  
FFDM was implemented in all participating countries The use of CR-system and to lesser extent SFM in two countries
The use of tomosynthesis in four countries
More time was allocated for diagnostic mammography than for screening mammography; 20-min time was allocated for a two-view screening mammography  
AEC widely used Various AEC modes are used
Use of different anode and X-ray beam filter material
  Application of compression force
QC of the equipment is performed
QC in clinical mammography is performed
Frequency of equipment QC
Reject-retake analyzes implemented in some departments
Various criteria for QC of clinical mammography
  Various Referral guidelines