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Table 3 Different combinations of HV-generator and X-ray tube and their X-ray efficiency ε

From: The skin dose of pelvic radiographs since 1896

# HV-generator X-ray tube Ratio (KfiA pulsed)/(KfiA DC) (ε) # sources
Average stand. dev.
A Inductor coil Ion tube 0.69 0.14 12
B Snooka Ion tube 0.72 0.10 14
C1 Snooka Coolidge tube 0.56 0.08 9
C2 Transformerb Coolidge tube 0.56 0.08 13
D Inductor coil Coolidge tube 0.16–0.98c   
  1. aTransformer with mechanical rectifier [55]. We use the name ‘Snook’ as a generic
  2. bTransformer and self-rectifying Coolidge tube (one pulse), or transformer with vacuum tube rectifiers and Coolidge tube (one- and two-pulse)
  3. cTricky combination, coil could easily be overloaded (see Additional file 1: ES XI-D)