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Table 1 Typical injuries for the most common sports [8]

From: Imaging of hip and thigh muscle injury: a pictorial review

Sport Most common injuries
Soccer Hamstring and quadriceps strain/cramps/contusions
Tennis Rotator cuff tears, lateral epiconodylitis (“tennis elbow”)
Football Lateral ankle sprain, ACL tear, ACC joint separation, hamstring strains
Basketball Ankle sprains, ankle/foot fractures, knee joint injuries
Baseball Rotator cuff tears, SLAP lesions, posteromedial elbow impingement
Volleyball Acute ankle sprain, chronic/overuse knee injuries, shoulder overuse injuries
Rugby Thoracic cage fractures, lower extremity muscle strains
Cycling Acute trauma targeting any region (falling or traffic accident), anterior knee injury
Skiing ACL/MCL sprains, femoroacetabular impingement, thumb ulnar collateral ligament sprain (skier’s thumb)
  1. ACL anterior cruciate ligament, ACC acromioclavicular, SLAP superior labral tear from anterior to posterior, MCL medial collateral ligament