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Table 1 Definite indications for breast ultrasound

From: Breast ultrasound: recommendations for information to women and referring physicians by the European Society of Breast Imaging

Palpable lump
Axillary adenopathy
First approach for clinical breast abnormalities under age 40
First approach for clinical breast abnormalities in pregnant or lactating women
Suspicious abnormalities at mammography or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Suspicious nipple discharge
Recent nipple inversion
Skin retraction
Breast inflammation
Abnormalities at the surgical scar after breast conserving surgery or mastectomy
Abnormalities in the presence of breast implants
Screening high-risk women, especially when MRI is not performed
Loco-regional staging of a known breast cancer, when MRI is not performed
Guidance for percutaneous breast interventions (needle biopsy, pre-surgical localisation, fluid collection drainage)
Monitoring patients with breast cancer receiving neo-adjuvant therapy, when MRI is not performed)