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Table 3 Different laparoscopic bowel resection techniques depending on the degree of invasion [51]

From: Endometriosis: clinical features, MR imaging findings and pathologic correlation

Laparoscopic technique Description Indication
Laparoscopic rectosigmoid shaving resection Removal of the lesion only, followed by primary suture Lesions <1 cm
Laparoscopic “mucosal skinning” Removal of both muscular layers followed by interrupted sutures Plaques located on the anterior rectosigmoid wall
Laparoscopic rectosigmoid discoid resection Full thickness resection of the anterior bowel wall followed by two-layer suture Single lesions <3 cm involving less than one third of the circumference
Laparoscopic rectosigmoid segmental resection Bowel resection followed by end-to-end anastomosis with sparing of mesenteric nerves Multiple or bigger lesions determining bowel distortion