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Table 11 Dos and Don’ts for radiologists using social media

From: Social media for radiologists: an introduction

Dos Don’ts
• Be selective in who you add to your list of friends, keep it restricted to people you know and respect • Don’t make the mistake of assuming that social media can replace “serious” scientific publications, but consider social media as a useful additional source of information
• Protect your reputation as a medical professional • Don’t share confidential information about patients
• Promote your work towards professionals, colleagues, and friends • Don’t send negative reactions
• Think positively in your reactions, do not insult people • Don’t believe everything you read
• Read and check your messages before you share or re-tweet information (you are what you tweet and share) • Avoid having multiple professional profiles, and protect your credibility
• Be sure about any content you may want to share • Don’t spread yourself too thin; start with one, or at most two, social networks, and go from there
• Be wary of spam, and don’t send spam yourself • Don’t abuse hashtags
• Be focused and develop a direction for sharing information • Don’t become obsessed about the number of followers
• Share without any ulterior motives