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Table 2 Pitfalls classification based on categories after treatment

From: Pitfalls in Interpreting mp-MRI of the Prostate: A Pictorial Review with Pathologic Correlation

Category Pitfall
4. Pitfalls after surgical treatment 1. Residual glandular tissue
2. Fibrosis
3. Retained seminal vesicles
4. Sealed off veins
5. Prominent periprostatic venous plexus
6. Residual verumontanum
5. Pitfalls after radiation/hormone deprivation therapy and after focal therapies 1. RT-induced capsular irregularity may hinder evaluation of extracapsular extension
2. Focal regions of T2-hypointensity may represent treated tumour and not local recurrence
3. Focal therapies-induced enhancing of reactive prostate tissue may hamper the assessment of persistent/residual disease