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Table 3 European Medicines Agency: categorisation of GBCAs according to NSF risk, based on their thermodynamic and kinetic properties [11]

From: Revisiting the risks of MRI with Gadolinium based contrast agents—review of literature and guidelines

High risk
 A. Linear non-ionic chelates
 B. Linear non-ionic chelates
A. gadoversetamide (OptiMARK®), gadodiamide (Omniscan®)
B. gadopentetic acid (Magnevist®, Magnegita®, and Gado-MRT-ratiopharm*)
Medium risk
 Linear ionic chelates
Gadofosveset (Vasovist®), gadoxetic acid (Primovist®) and gadobenic acid (MultiHance®)
Low risk
 Macrocyclic chelates
Gadoteric acid (Dotarem®), gadoteridol (ProHance®) and gadobutrol (Gadovist®)
  1. *Gadopentetic acid generics