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Table 1 Girardi score—definition and classification of clinical and histological findings [56]

From: Revisiting the risks of MRI with Gadolinium based contrast agents—review of literature and guidelines

Girardi score
Clinical findings major criteria Patterned plaques
Joint contractures
Marked induration / Peaud’orange
Clinical findings minor criteria Puckering / linear banding
Superficial plaque / patch
Dermal papules
Scleral plaques (<45 years)
Histological findings Increased dermal cellularity (Score +1)
CD34+ cells with tram tracking (Score + 1)
Thick & thin collagen bundles (Score + 1)
Preserved elastic fibres (Score -1, if absent)
Septal involvement (Score +1)
Osseous metaplasia (Score +3)