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Table 2 An overview of the Northern scoring system [19], adapted from the original publication

From: Radiography, tomosynthesis, CT and MRI in the evaluation of pulmonary cystic fibrosis: an untangling review of the multitude of scoring systems

Radiography scoring system Northern (1994) [19]
  Comment Score (points)
Scoring area 4 lung quadrants 0−4
Both lungs (overall severity) 0−4
  No cystic fibrosis lung disease evident Normal (0)
Minimal increase in linear markings and/or nodular cystic lesions up to 0.5 cm diameter Mild (1)
More pronounced linear markings and/or more widespread nodular cystic lesions Moderate (2)
Prominent increase in linear markings, profuse nodular cystic lesions, large areas of collapse/consolidation Severe (3)
Little or no area of normal lung seen, dense infiltration Very severe (4)
Overall severity   Range 0−4
Total score   Maximum 20