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Table 2 MR features of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia

From: Right ventricular cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging: normal anatomy and spectrum of pathological findings

  1. RV right ventricle, BSA body surface area, LV left ventricle, b-SSFP cine-MR balanced steady state free precession cine-MR sequence, TSE T1w turbo spin echo T1-weighted sequence, fs-TSE T1w fat suppressed turbo spin echo T1-weighted sequence, LGE T1w late gadolinium-enhanced inversion recovery T1-weighted sequence
  2. * Readapted by Marcus et al. [23]—Definite diagnosis is made when two major criteria, or one major and two minor criteria, or four minor criteria are met from different categories (Global or regional dysfunction and structural alterations, Tissue characterization of wall, Repolarisation abnormalities, Depolarization/conduction abnormalities, Arrhythmias, Family history)
  3. † See [24]