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Table 7 The effect of a few trivial activities in all-day life on effective dosea

From: Gonad shielding in paediatric pelvic radiography: disadvantages prevail over benefit

Action Saving Expense
Lowering radon (222Rn) concentration at home with 1 Bq/m3 [42]   
(e.g. by increasing ventilation; worldwide average conc. 40 Bq/m3) 80 μSv/year  
Holidays on a cruise ship instead of on land [43] 2 μSv/day  
Large distance flying [44]   5 μSv/h
Visit of cave with relatively low radon concentration of 1 kBq/m3 [45]   4 μSv/h
Person living in Cornwall (6.5 mSv/year due to radon only) going   
to London (1 mSv/year) [46] 15 μSv/day  
Living in The Netherlands (2 mSv/year)   5 μSv/day
  1. aApproximate data, exact values depend on several details