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Table 3 Frequency of themes mentioned three times or more in clinicians’ suggestions for improving the report

From: How do referring clinicians want radiologists to report? Suggestions from the COVER survey

Subject Number of references Subject Number of references
Clinical information and the clinical question 94 Accessibility of the report 10
Conclusion/impression of the report 55 Multidisciplinary rounds 8
Structured reports 37 Content 7
Communicating directly to the clinician 25 Descriptive part of the report 7
Completeness 19 Report as training update for clinicians 7
Integrating images or referring to images 19 Satisfaction with the report 7
Relevant findings outside of the clinical question 19 Competence of the radiologist 6
Mentioning a diagnosis/differential diagnosis 19 Irrelevant reports 6
Concise reporting 17 Narrative reports 5
Electronic patient record (EPR) 16 Terminology 5
Vague reports/the hedge 16 Variable quality or approach 5
Suggestions for further examinations 16 Probability of a diagnosis 4
Use of abbreviations 14 Quality of the report 4
Use of a standard lexicon 14 Performing the right/inadequate examinations 4
Measuring lesions 13 Language 3
Proofreading reports 12 Preformatted text 3