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Table 1 Eight cases of circumportal pancreas in 317 liver transplant donor candidates

From: The prevalence of circumportal pancreas as shown by multidetector-row computed tomography

Age Sex Size (mm)a Hepatic arterial anatomy Course of the MPD
31 M 5 mm Standard Ante-portal
27 M 13 mm Replaced LHA Ante-portal
31 M 12 mm Standard Ante-portal
26 M 8 mm Replaced RHA Ante-portal
31 F 10 mm Standard Ante-portal
52 F 11 mm Standard Ante-portal
54b M 18 mm Standard Encasement of CHA Retro-portal
58 F 5 mm Standard Ante-portal
  1. aSize indicates the transverse diameter of aberrant pancreatic tissue. bThis case is presented as case 1. MPD = main pancreatic duct. LHA = left hepatic artery. RHA = right hepatic artery. CHA = common hepatic artery