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Table 1 Summary table of local, nodal and haematogenous spread in gastric cancer

From: Common primary tumours of the abdomen and pelvis and their patterns of tumour spread as seen on multi-detector computed tomography

Local spread •Local spread into adjacent structures (e.g. pancreas, colon, spleen)
Lymph node spread Perigastric: pericardial; lesser curvature; greater curvature; suprapyloric
Extraperigastric: left gastric; common hepatic; coeliac; splenic hilum and artery; hepatic pedicle; retropancreatic; mesenteric root; middle colic; para-aortic
Haematogenous spread •Most commonly the liver (25% at presentation) and peritoneum
Notes •Transcoelomic spread can occur through the peritoneum (e.g. Kruckenberg tumours)
•Retropancreatic, para-aortic and mesenteric nodes are classified as M1 metastatic disease
•Nodal disease in GIST tumours is extremely rare