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Table 2 Application of single-shot fast-field-echo (SSh FFE) sequences (echo-planar imaging)

From: The skeleton and musculature on foetal MRI

Parameters Coronal and sagittal planes; repetition time (TR): 3,000 ms; echo time (TE): shortest; field of view: 230 mm; matrix: 160 × 95; slice thickness: 4 mm; flip angle: 90°; duration: 12 s
Assessment Foetal skeleton
Clinical application Facial profile (after GW 28; delineation enhanced because of chemical shift by subcutaneous fat)
Hard palate (cleft palate)
Imaging of normal hyperintense cartilaginous epiphysis and hypointense diaphysis
Bone length and shape (bent bones; skeletal dysplasias)
Ossification disorders (osteogenesis imperfecta)