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Table 1 Application of T2-w single-shot (SSh) turbo-spin-echo (TSE) sequences

From: The skeleton and musculature on foetal MRI

Parameters Axial, coronal, and sagittal planes; repetition time (TR): shortest; echo time (TE): 100 ms; TSE factor: 92; field of view: 200–230 mm; matrix: 256 × 153; slice thickness: 3–4 mm; slices: 18; flip angle: 90°; duration: 18.7 s
Assessment Whole body evaluation
Clinical application Head size and shape (microcephaly; encephaloceles)
Brain (associated malformations; acquired anomalies) (TE: 140 ms in GW 18–29)
Face and foetal profile (facial clefts)
Orbits (content; interorbital distance)
Teeth buds and hard palate (cleft palate)
External ear size, shape, and position; and fluid-filled inner ears
Thorax shape and lung volume (lung hypoplasia in skeletal dysplasias)
Spine (content/extent of spinal dysraphism)
Arms and legs; hands and feet (size, shape, number of fingers/toes)
Musculature (decreased thickness; fatty atrophy after GW 30)