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TableĀ 2 Associated injuries

From: CT imaging of blunt chest trauma

Sternal fracture Heart injury
Rib fracture Pulmonary contusion, laceration
Upper rib fracture (first three ribs) Brachial plexus, subclavian vessels
Lower rib fractures (last four ribs) Intra-abdominal injury
Subcutaneous emphysema Airway injury, oesophageal injury
Pneumomediastinum Airway injury, lung injury, oesophageal injury
Sternoclavicular fracture (posterior sternoclavicular dislocation) Mediastinal vessels, tracheal injury, oesophageal injury
Scapular fracture Haemopneumothorax, lung injury, spine and clavicle fracture, subclavian vessels, brachial plexus